Our Raving Testimonials

I just wanted to let you know that our customers have been receiving their gifts and the popcorn is a hit! Thank you so much for getting this order together so quickly and professionally.

Amy E. Wiseman
Avfuel Corporation

I just have to say how wonderful your popcorn is. Someone delivered a tin to the firm I work at part-time and I absolutely fell in love. I immediately went out and bought some more to take to my other job and everyone is in love! They are already on your website and plan on going to buy some. Thank you for your deliciousness!!

Christopher LeCalir

Thank you so much. Everyone who bought some just loved it! What an easy fundraiser!!

Valerie Suszko
Michigan Special Olympics

"I have never tasted anything like this. It's fresh and yummy. Six months after my event, people are STILL talking about that great popcorn! Thank you for allowing the Wright Place TV Show to be the first TV show to showcase this wonderful snack!"

Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C.
The Wright Place TV Show

It's fantastic! It has the dangerous combination of the easy pop in your mouth quality of popcorn, with just enough drizzle to make you think, "I'll just have one more bite."

Stacy Solomon

It is truly an amazing, delicious piece of heaven.

Jim Levin

My idea of gourmet popcorn previously was high priced caramel coated, teeth breaking popcorn. I wasn't sure that I would love the popcorn, but after a handful I was hooked. The rich flavor and high quality popcorn, there really is nothing like it.

Ross Johnson

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We decided to do something nice for our clients and co-workers this Valentine's Day and we couldn't think of any sweeter way than with B'Drizzled. Look, we
can't get past the samples at Papa Joe's without grabbing a handful, and making sure everybody else in the checkout line does the same, and buys a carton or two...so we were sure that this was the treat that would let everyone know how special they are to us...and it really did the trick! The only negative
comment we got was that it's just so delicious it disappeared too quickly. Thanks B'drizzled for helping us tell our Valentines just how much they mean to us!

—Janet Marie and m'Arch McCarty