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Logo on a popcorn

Impress your clients with a gift of b’drizzled rich, gourmet, chocolate-drizzled premium white popcorn. b’drizzled is handmade and packaged in Michigan, and quite possibly the best tasting gourmet, chocolate-covered popcorn you will ever taste.

Gift baskets seem old hat compared to a custom package of b’drizzled, double-drizzled chocolate popcorn. b’drizzled takes client appreciation to a new level. Everyone in the office will want to share in it so be sure to send enough! The unique double-drizzled chocolate popcorn is sure to please your clients and employees.

Add your logo for a custom-packaged corporate gift appropriate for the holidays, birthdays, special occasions, or to celebrate a successful relationship with your clients.

b’drizzled popcorn makes an appearance at your event and is not easily forgotten. It’s very popular and always finds a way to fit into the party! Be the one to drizzle your friends and family first.

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We decided to do something nice for our clients and co-workers this Valentine's Day and we couldn't think of any sweeter way than with B'Drizzled. Look, we
can't get past the samples at Papa Joe's without grabbing a handful, and making sure everybody else in the checkout line does the same, and buys a carton or we were sure that this was the treat that would let everyone know how special they are to us...and it really did the trick! The only negative
comment we got was that it's just so delicious it disappeared too quickly. Thanks B'drizzled for helping us tell our Valentines just how much they mean to us!

Janet Marie and m'Arch McCarty