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b'drizzled founders “People are amazed how every piece of popcorn is drizzled in chocolate,” says b’drizzled founder Elaine Wyatt. “What began as a family holiday treat in the kitchen of my sister-in-law is now enjoyed by families everywhere.” It certainly looks like every delicious piece of gourmet popcorn is covered in chocolate through the crystal clear packaging of the b’drizzled popcorn.

b’drizzled was started in Farmington Hills, Michigan by Elaine Wyatt and Paula Kauffman. b’drizzled is a woman-owned company, focused on making and distributing the best tasting chocolate-drizzled popcorn on the market. One taste of b’drizzled gourmet popcorn and you will see why people keep coming back for more.

b’drizzled was originally sold at gourmet and high quality food stores throughout Southeast Michigan. Thanks to the amazing response and loyal following locally we are offering b’drizzled gourmet popcorn on our web site. Order it today and have it shipped fresh via UPS to your home. You will be enjoying the best tasting gourmet chocolate popcorn ever.

b’drizzled gourmet popcorn is a premium, white popcorn that tastes great. It’s popped fresh and hand-drizzled with two types of chocolate every time. B’drizzled popcorn comes in a variety of flavors including Double Chocolate, Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and more…

b’drizzled is the perfect item to bring to a party or special occasion. It comes in its own serving container, and it tastes amazing with a perfect combination of gourmet chocolate and salty fresh popcorn.

For anyone looking for party gifts, teacher gifts, hostess gifts, corporate gifts, client gifts and more – check out bdrizzled gourmet popcorn.

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We decided to do something nice for our clients and co-workers this Valentine's Day and we couldn't think of any sweeter way than with B'Drizzled. Look, we
can't get past the samples at Papa Joe's without grabbing a handful, and making sure everybody else in the checkout line does the same, and buys a carton or we were sure that this was the treat that would let everyone know how special they are to us...and it really did the trick! The only negative
comment we got was that it's just so delicious it disappeared too quickly. Thanks B'drizzled for helping us tell our Valentines just how much they mean to us!

Janet Marie and m'Arch McCarty